Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine provide you with options for treating numerous non-emergency conditions drug-free & safely.

The worlds greatest natural resource is your health, care for it naturally with acupuncture

"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease - Hippocrates"

Acupuncture: a safe, effective, and natural way to promote your body's self-healing abilities

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Each customized – treatment session is designed  to uniquely address your imbalances based on a study of your own body chemistry, treatment preferences, and health history. All services are offered at a flat, per session fee, so there are only options — never surprises.

What have you tried?  What are you curious about trying?
Email me directly so we can start talking about how I can help you feel better.

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What to Expect

What to Expect

Get the most out of your first appointment and avoid unexpected surprises by checking out Kelly's recommendations.

Kelly Her Acupuncture

Kelly Her Acupuncture

The foundation of your recovery with Kelly Her is Acupuncture. Click to learn more about this ancient practice and how you may benefit.

About Kelly Her

About Kelly Her

Bedside manner is just as important as effective treatment. Learn about Kelly and her one-on-one, customized treatment plans.

Techniques & Conditions

Techniques & Conditions

On the fence about acupuncture? Learn about other safe, drug-free options that I can offer to help you achieve bodily harmony

Over half of medical doctors agree that acupuncture is a drug free alternative to chronic pain.

They refer patients to acupuncture more than any other type of complementary care.

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Rates for Acupuncture and Other Wellness Modalities

$100 – 1 Hour

New Patient First Time Consultation &Treatment

$80 – 1 Hour

Acupuncture | Cupping | Acutonics | Gua Sha | Moxibustion | Tui Na

$50 – 1/2 Hour

Wellness Treatment

Cupping I Gua Sha I Moxibustion I

We accept most major insurances that cover acupuncture service

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* By Appointment only.  Please contact us via call, text  (805)302-0266 and email to request an on-site visit.